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Originally Posted by SurrealOne View Post
Very few people worked on the S3 to keep the details a secret it was moved in a top secret case so no would see the device before it was complete to have more people working on the device with knowladge of Jelly Bean would allow for more people to see it thus bigger chance of the top secret project not being so top secret.
You really think that the "secret" of the phone is more important then releasing a phone with Jelly Bean? I think the argument that they wanted to get the phone out with a stable OS before Apple does their big launch has a lot more leverage behind it. I agree they wanted to keep this phone secret, but that being the sole reason they didn't launch with JB does not seem very likely to me. I do think launching the phone with a really good stable OS (like you said) is a good point. If they launched the phone with JB and it had a huge problem, it would destroy their opening sales. Think the launch of Windows Vista. Never recovered.

Also letting us have JB just a few months after the release is a sneaky way of making it seem like they are updating phones faster. Haha.
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