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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Sprint is pulling the ICS update for the Epic 4G Touch and re-issuing it with bug fixes.

HTC has recanted and pulled it altogether for the earlier generation Desire HD.

This has been a rather catastrophic update for many.
Wow, that's not good at all. I guess that isn't surprising however knowing that both Sprint and HTC are really struggling to stay afloat at the moment. I don't understand how a company like HTC can go from a leader, to struggling to stay in business in a little over a year. Just amazing.

Also wouldn't surprise me if the statement about Sprint reps getting pressured to get people to upgrade to LTE devices was the primary driver for the delay in our ICS update. That, as well as the fact that since this is likely our last update, they don't want any bugs because they don't want to make anymore updates for the 3D. But I believe they could have had this done with no bugs months ago if they didn't want to try and milk the frustration with the update for all it's worth (getting people to say screw it and upgrade to LTE).

But knowing they both have limited resources ($$$$), I can guarantee that IF we get ICS at all for the 3D (meaning Sprint and HTC don't pull the plug all together), that this is the last official update we'll see. Neither company has the time or money to spend producing a JB update to a device that they don't sell anymore, and never made them a lot of money to start with.

Very dissapointed in myself for choosing to go with HTC on this phone instead of the SGII. Funny how then Samsung was the one to avoid cuz they couldn't get their updates straight, now the tables have turned and it's HTC that lost it's edge and is almost out of business.
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