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When a phone is damaged TEP or insurance are the only options.

You should not be charged. If they ordered it in store the did not have you go through asurion....which would have cost you the deductible

They took care of ya on this one, protect the new one. Not all stores would handle it this way. Many would have made you do the asirion claim.

Keep in mind....not many products can be returned of the customer damaged it.....except maybe Walmart best buy (hot or miss) or Sam's club.

Sam's club still has the best return policy (non phone/electronics)

Originally Posted by devilsfutbol17 View Post
Yes I have TEP and yes I offered to just pay the $35 and not take my chances, but I didn't have the box, reciept, and charger with me at the time.

I ended up calling the franchise store and they said that the store I bought it from(corporate store) is wrong and that they should be able to replace it within the 14 days without a restocking fee as long as I get the same phone, which is what I was doing. Then I tried to get a hold of the corporate store with no success.

So to get some more ammo to throw at them, I called the 1-866 number for sprint and they said the corporate store was wrong also, and gladly noted on my account to waive the $35 fee.

So I went in today and the rep took my phone into the back room and talked to his boss for a few minutes and then they came out and started going through some process to get me a new phone without me being charged. I think they said they were going to use TEP but I was going to have to pay the deductible or something, not quite sure. They didn't have the white one in stock, so they ordered it and it should there next week for me.
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