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Originally Posted by bnb25 View Post
my mom does texting, Shes some what of a nanny for my younger cousins and all they do is texting, so she was forced to learn how.

Wow you had a Razr that was like a rich person phone to me haha. I couldn't afford those. I always got the free phones they'd give when you resigned your soul to them.
Yea I got it uber cheap with a 2yr contract on ATT from tigerdirect and modded the pi55 out of it lol. Still have matter of fact lol

Originally Posted by Fuzzy13 View Post
I remember have REAL ringtones back in 2002 WAY before you could put them on a phone. It was the FIRST phone modding I ever did. You HAD to have a USB cable for the phone which was UNHEARD of. hahaha. I remember a site called cell phone hacks that was popular back in the day that gave me the info and it would give out all the unlock codes and hidden menu codes. Ahhh the good ole days.
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