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Originally Posted by Stigy View Post
Meet our new kitty Hazel! She's so adorable, but my other cat isn't used to sharing the apartment. They play a lot, some of it seems rough, but I have a feeling its just fun play. I hope.

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
^^^love cats, that one looks like the rascally type
SO CUTE!!! And yes, she does look like she could get into some serious mischief. Our 14 year old lady pug is the QUEEN of mischief. Day before yesterday, she managed to open the plastic food bin that our foster dog's food was in (you know, the kind you get at Wal-Mart that has the locking lid? yeah...that) and proceeded to eat, oh, I don't know....six cups of food or so by the time my husband came in and caught her. She normally gets ONE cup a day (1/2 in the morning, 1/2 at night)! Needless to say, she looked like a pot bellied pig and had many frequent bathroom breaks over the next fiew days. And the food bin....teeth marks ALL over it. I think she would literally eat til she exploded. SMH
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