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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Anecdotally speaking the line is still out the door here.

I find it interesting that Jeff Bezos recently donated $2.5 mill to defend a pro-same sex marriage law. Yet when I google 'Boycott Amazon' I get one and only one result telling me to boycott Amazon for this and it's from some right wing blog. Which side of the issue is being intolerant here? Just saying.

For the record, pro-gay rights people are right, but I've said for ages that the way they present their case is all wrong.
Jeff Bezos is promoting the right of a legal contract between two individuals, Dan Cathy is promoting the denial of that right between two individuals. Promoting a right and promoting a denial of a right is a big difference.

Interracial marriage was illegal in many US states until a 1967 Supreme Court decision. The same religious prejudices as Mr. Cathy holds were the bases on why interracial was illegal.
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