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Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Cool, how is it? Some of those One phones from HTC are intriguing.
Samsung galaxy watzit?

Its nice. In fact on the way back home my nexus totally dropped its signal and the one x kept it. Now, no 4g LTE service from AT&T here and I may need to get a network extender, but so far so good. At the house, it don't work down stairs (expected), but upstairs I hit over 3mbps download. The camera seems decent. It feels good in the hand. I just cleared all the bloat off the screen.

Now, there is a bit of a quirk and thats with the wifi and AT&Ts hotspot. The phone will automatically detect these and log into them. The only way to stop this is to turn wifi off (can while I am out of the house) Now this is bad because all the devices at the AT&T store was on the wifi and NONE of them loaded squat! Not good if you want someone to shell out nearly 500 bucks on the device. So when questioned, they explained this. Would of been nice to know before hand.

The stock keyboard has GOT to go. I putting thumb keyboard back on it. I just turned off the censor feature, hells yes, I did

More dinking around to come

The question now is, how long can I resist rooting and unlocking her bootloader?

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