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Originally Posted by OutofDate1980 View Post
Well, since that guy is trying to "pitch a fit" to make those that do not share his religious beliefs lives miserable, expect responsible adults to teach that guy respect for others.
I am really lost as to how he pitched a hissy fit? All he did was voice his opinion. I could understand the uproar if he came out and said they planned to fire every Gay or Lesbian at the company. They came out and said Gay and Lesbians where not welcome to eat at Chik-Fil-A. As far as I know neither was done.

I think people forget there is a difference between discriminating against someone and disapproving of there actions.

Someone might not approve of someones particular beliefs, views, or opinons. As long as they Tolerate them and do not Discriminate. They have as much right to there opinion as you do yours even if that opinion is voiced.

To say they don't make you no better then the person you felt wronged you.

When someone starts trying to stop someone from doing something because of there opinion and beliefs then that becomes discrimination.

Personally I feel everyone is entitled to there opinion good bad ugly does not matter. I feel everyone has the right to voice that opinion because that's what 1st amendment is about.
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