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Last Thursday I has the delightful experience of being on the phone with Acer support for 3 hours. What a bunch of dummies... I got the normal tech support that doesn't speak English and argued with them for an hour before I finally told them I wanted a supervisor... another looser... After another hour of getting nowhere, I asked for his supervisor and finally got a tech support level 2 in Texas. I explained our situation with the GPS Text file building up. They had no idea what I was refering to. So I gave them links to this news group and tese posts. The guy put me on hold for a few mi nuets and when he came back it was like a light went off... He said he had no idea there was such a wide spread problem and didn't know if there was a fix down the road. But he said he would let the powers that be know of the situation and see where it goes from there. Acer doesn't actuall do any programing on the Android OS. They send in the specs to Google who compiles the OS and sends it out to the consumer. Acer supposedly does test the OS before release but has nothing to do with the actual OS production.
So we'll see if they do anything with what I told them. 3 hours to get to someone who actually sounded like he cared!
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