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Originally Posted by gurik View Post
Iím sure that itís not a problem with GPS satellite visibility. I tested several times and proved on my piece of SPICA that GPS module is turned off completely if you push lock-screen button. I spoke with Tatoo owner yesterday and he said that is pretty sure that GPS module is not turned off when he lock screen in his HTC. Iím convinced that there is something wrong with SPICA in this case. Iím trying to find out if this is a problem of hardware or firmware, or my specific device is working wrongÖ

I have tried what you have said and it looks to be an issue. I am not sure if it is the phone issue, or a software issue.

What i did:
- installed GPS Status from the market
- started the GPS
- started GPS Status
- wait for it to get a satellite lock
- lock the screen
- wait a few seconds ( i think no more then 10)
- unlock the screen

GPS Status was on, but the satellite lock was gone.

The GPS however was shown as active in the phone settings and in the Power widget from the screen.

So, it might be both, the phone's problem (it stops the GPS when it is locked, or a software problem (GPS status looses the connection with the GPS receiver when it is locked, or Android itself cuts the GPS connection (for power saving reasons)).

Then i have done a different test:
- started GPS Status
- wait for it to get a satellite lock
- send GPS Status in background (press home button)
- wait a few seconds ( i think no more then 10)
- get GPS Status back

There was again no signal shown on it. The lock was obtained faster than if i had locked the phone, however.

I think this means that the software behaves wrongly in GPS Status case.

Maybe you can do the same tests with your software, it might be the software fault and not the phone's.

I hope all of this helps you somehow ...
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