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Originally Posted by HotRoderX View Post
... As far as I know neither was done. ...
Chick-Fil-A has been sued in 12 incidents and counting for employment discrimination. Employment discrimination is very difficult to prove. Usually it's done in private with no witnesses. Also, it's very expensive to litigate, not unusual for a $30k retainer, which often amount to just 10% of the final cost.

I advise any that suspect discrimination to be wired as a memory aid. There are many devices that can be concealed as a belt, tie, watch, etc... that will do the job. Also retain copies or emails or other documents off-site that seem a bit odd, as discovery is very expensive.

Originally Posted by HotRoderX View Post
I feel everyone has the right to voice that opinion because that's what 1st amendment is about.
Dan Cathy also gives many $millions to groups that promote discrimination.

Dan Cathy is promoting the denial of a right between two individuals to enter a legal contract due to religious beliefs. He is attempting to influence laws to have government enforce his religious beliefs on others.

He is now in the public arena, so expect others to question if his business is good for the community and the public to question, if they wish to purchase the product.

Dan Cathy is not being prosecuted for his exercise of the 1st Amendment. It's just a business decision being made by local communities if what this business represents fits within the needs of the community.
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