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Originally Posted by NashvilleFlyer View Post
Thanks for the info. I did do the reset through the Bootloader menu while on the phone with HTC. I just did it again for the heck of it, set up my Google account and other options, then right away try to update profile and it starts giving me the vDM and errors.

I know there can be problems with phones, I just wonder if Sprint or HTC would admit this is a known issue. I've been reading posts about this problem dating back to early June, and usually the solution is returning the phone.
This probably won't work either, just doing my best to try and help. Sorry, I understand your frustration

I wouldn't even set up your Google account, back up, location, wi-fi, or anything else during set up? And don't go to search for PRL and Profile right away?
Just reset from the Bootloader and try to dial into ##786# right away to see if it won't crash? You'll need your MSL# for resetting.
(If you can't get it to go into ##RTN#, to start a Hands Free Activation, a high level Sprint tech on the phone can force a handset to reset into Hands Free Activation over the air I think. Not sure how you can reach them easily.)

I decided to look up my old transcript of my online chat troubleshoot process (They emailed it even though I specifically told the CSR not to ). Paraphrased version:
Tried ##72786# but EPST was crashing
##786# -> Menu -> Reset -> Enter MSL Number -> Auto Reboot -> Hands free activation begins -> Let it run forever until it gives error 1012
Try to update PRL and profile again. Error 1012.
Turn off fast boot, power down
Reboot to Bootloader -> Factory Data reset
Once up and running, don't set up anything, go update PRL and profile successfully.

Not sure if data connection was enabled or disabled (widget on or off) during all these steps. I may have turned it off before resets. Also of note, I lost my connection at home but reset and got my data back the next day at work (in case there is a tower factor here).
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