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Yesterday I tried VLC and it works better than the rest. It doesn't integrate with the GV-13, but with a wireless Keyboard it's manageable. I expected XBMC to have h/w decoding if this is the same board that Pivos, but I couldn't find any option and according to the results, it was using software, as it's slow.

Poo706, where did you downloaded XBMC? I've downloaded it from miniand forum, but there's no 7/27 version, just 7/26.

Gadg17, I've seen some other f/w but I'm sure if it's posible using then in these boards without bricking the device. There a fw from Slane in the forum that, according to CoyoteX works in the GV-13, but the remote and 1080 are not working. Hopefully they will work in the next release and that may be a option, as I'm sure there's not going to be an official fw that fixes this issues.

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