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This doesn't directly relate to this thread, but a few things came up since I had the above error and got my phone swapped out for a new one, & they're bugging me!

I've gotten everything set back up on my new phone but there are 2 things happening and I'm not sure what to do about them.
1) When I go to bed at night I have both mobile network & wifi turned off, & my phone is plugged in to charge overnight. When I wake up in the morning, both mobile network & wifi are turned on & I have no idea why. I use an app called Timeriffic to control timing of when some things go on and off (mostly to control sounds) but I have wifi turned off at all times of day through that app, I manually turn mobile network or wifi on using the widget when I want them.
2) I use the stock email app for all my email accounts. My main email is a Comcast acct and on my previous phone I had it set up not to sync my emails on this acct. I'm finding that when I delete an email on my phone it's also disappearing now from my laptop but I don't know why, that wasn't happening with my previous setup and I don't see a setting that's telling it to do that (if I delete from my laptop it should delete from my phone, but not vice versa). There's a sync option within the account settings and I have it set to Manual during peak times although it insists I have my Inbox synced. What am I missing? I haven't changed any settings for this acct on anything but my phone lately so I know there's some acct setting I've either got set wrong on my phone or I'm missing it entirely.
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