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Originally Posted by vectorz2 View Post
My Dell Streak 5 is rebooting constantly sometimes I get to the main home screen and that's as far as I get before it reboots. Other times when I take the battery out and leave it for 'rest' time about 30 mins or longer, I'll make it further but then when it starts its rebooting it does it constantly until I let it 'rest' some more.

After lots of research it appears this is a common problem with Dell Streak and a few theoretical solutions that didn't help resolve it for me. I'm getting constant reboots even after ensuring I have the latest 407 baseband and I reverted to the latest stock from for that baseband (which happens to be "Olleh" branded and in Arabic or something weird).

Anyway, I'm hoping you guys have found more info on why this happens and I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have a broken phone it's just beyond warranty period.
Is your streak a U.S. marketed devicenornis it have a baseband other than a US? Is it rooted/flashed? Did you say you tried reinstalling the system and even a factory resetm

I hope I never experiencethis.
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