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Originally Posted by TheMortallyWounded View Post
Personally, I still don't believe that there is any legal action we could take. However, complaining about the issue is still a great option. Hit up Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and all the little forums out there and just complain. Tag Verizon and HTC wherever possible. Heck, tag your local news channel's pages. Bombard the crap out of every social media site and drag every journalist you can find into it. If it is really that important an issue, something will happen. If not, then perhaps it isn't worth the hassle anymore, and I mean Verizon. Maybe they aren't worth the trouble to deal with them anymore. Sure, the other carriers aren't any better, but we're not having trouble with the other carriers at the moment. If Verizon and HTC lost some customers, it might make them think a little harder about trying to keep them happy.
I think legal action is viable. They put it in print. When people were considering which phone to buy last year, especially between the Rezound & the Nexus, the fact that it was supposed to be upgraded in the near future was definitely a selling point to me, and possibly what was the deciding factor. I looked at the specs for both phones and, to me, the specs on the Rezound were better than the Nexus (HTC build, screen Res & ppi, size). But the one thing that worried me leading up to the announcement was if it was going to be a long road to an update. The Nexus was a lock for quick updates (or so we thought, we didn't factor in Verizon to the mix) so that's what I was going back and forth on deciding what phone to upgrade to. If they had said that they'd have to investigate that further, or you'll get it but it's going to be a long wait, I may have very well gone with the Nexus (or even the Razr considering how well Moto was with updates last year).

Like others have said here, one of my biggest gripes with Verizon is their lack of communication with their customers. Take any phone launch, anytime they change their plans, etc. They never let any info out until days before it happens. It's almost like they know you'd be PO'd with the end result and they want to string you along for as long as possible. My other biggest gripe with them is their support & sales staff. Call them 5 times and you're probably looking at 5 completely different answers. How hard is it to have weekly meetings and get your employees on the same page? At this point I'd settle for getting at least their supervisors on the same page. Apparently the $30 upgrade fee isn't enough to make that happen.
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