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Originally Posted by RogerDeanD View Post
I can go to yahoo on web and access e-mail account w/folders/address/ etc. but can't attach! Go to e-mail icon on DROID window and I have set my incoming e-mail to and can't access folders or address but can attach! Not sure if everything is correct. ATT wants me to pay for SUPPORT PLUS to get the corrrect settings. I did set up a and got all my folders, but I don't send e-mail with the "yahoo" domain. I prefer to use "".

I am new to "gmail" so will gradually switch over to my g-mail account. I refuse to pay ATT a monthly fee for internet service and pay again to get e-mail settings for my VERIZON phone. Anyone know how to set up e-mail so I can send an e-mail with " instead of "" like on my PC internet? Sorry for such a long post but ATT SUPPORT charging really 'goes against my grain' to put it in a PG rated post!!

Tell me tjis is a joke... they actually think they can charge us for a YAHOO account? ... T H A T will be the day...
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