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Originally Posted by vzwuser76 View Post
I think legal action is viable. They put it in print. When people were considering which phone to buy last year, especially between the Rezound & the Nexus, the fact that it was supposed to be upgraded in the near future was definitely a selling point to me, and possibly what was the deciding factor. I looked at the specs for both phones and, to me, the specs on the Rezound were better than the Nexus (HTC build, screen Res & ppi, size). But the one thing that worried me leading up to the announcement was if it was going to be a long road to an update. The Nexus was a lock for quick updates (or so we thought, we didn't factor in Verizon to the mix) so that's what I was going back and forth on deciding what phone to upgrade to. If they had said that they'd have to investigate that further, or you'll get it but it's going to be a long wait, I may have very well gone with the Nexus (or even the Razr considering how well Moto was with updates last year).
There is no doubt in my mind that Verizon uses these updates to manipulate sales, which is in my opinion unethical. It's bad business to screw people over like this, and it should be looked into by the Federal Trade Commission (not the Federal Communications Commission, which deals with the technological aspect of it). However, I am pretty sure that Verizon has all of their ducks in a row when it comes to the way they word things. Big business rarely make real promises... they just make us believe that so we feel we can trust them. Terms like soon, early, quickly, timely, and patiently have very different meanings from a legal point of view. Some examples:

Ice Cream Sandwich coming soon!
We read: Oh, I can buy the phone now because it's going to be updated soon!
They mean: We'll send it out as soon as we feel that we've made as much money as we can by withholding it.

Android 4.0 to be released in Early 2012
We read: Sometime before summer, I'll have the newest software available!
They mean: Before Christmas

We're working on releasing the ICS update as quickly as we can.
We read: They must be running into some bugs, but they're staying up all night to fix it and get it out!
They mean: It's Friday, let's leave early and go drink Maker's Mark and laugh at all the people at the bar with Rezounds... QUICK BEFORE THE BOSS COMES!

We are working hard on releasing the latest update in a timely manner.
We read: What's this 4.1 coming out now? Well, they said 4.0 would be out in a timely manner, so we'll get it before 4.1 hits the Nexus.
They mean:We'll put it out before Google comes out with 5.0, or before the court orders us to.

And my personal favorite:
Thank you for waiting patiently while we work hard on releasing Android 4.0.3 to your HTC Rezound. We're working quickly to push this over-the-air update as early as possible, and you should see it on your phone soon.
We read: Our patience is growing thin, but we know you're trying your best. Please hurry.
They mean: Please don't burn down our buildings and chop down our towers...
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