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Originally Posted by nativecodder View Post
Here we are at 12:10 am Aug 1st. I knew pretty early on in the day that ICS wouldn't be coming any time soon. Although I have the latest leak installed, I'm still ticked off at HTC and Verizon.

This is my first and will be the last HTC device I ever get. Funny back in December I went into 4 different Verizon stores and they all seemed to push to Motorola brand, none of them showing much interest in the Rezound. Wasn't crazy about the reviews the Nexus was getting so I went with the Rezound figuring it says upgrade coming in early 2012.

Didn't give it a lot of thought at the time, but the 4 different Verizon stores who never showed much interest in promoting the Rezound or kept saying go with Motorola, should have been a red flag..... Seems like big red never took a liking to this product for whatever reason.
I'd guees that it has something to do with Google now owning Motorola. HTC will be left hanging in the wind.

**** Verizon. **** all phone companies. They're all rip-offs in their own way.
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