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Originally Posted by acoastal View Post
This right here.^

The leak may be B.S., but I'll hold off doing anything until after midnight tonight. According to the leak, you couldn't even get the OTA update until midnight tonight (unless you were one of the few that they initially pushed it to).

However, since we haven't seen anyone get the OTA (I mean there's enough people in these forums and others that I visit, that someone had to get it), I'm guessing that leak was bull and it's not coming out anytime soon. So as TrooperThorn said, I will re-root my phone, then go after S-OFF, and then install the leak.

What a joke this whole thing has been.

You don't have to go after S-OFF to install the leaked version of ICS. I woke up this morning and still no update so I went ahead and installed the leak. Phone seems so crisp and flawless. Go ahead and enjoy ICS now and if the OTA ever comes, if it is version higher than 4.0.3 like has been reported, you will still get the update.
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