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Originally Posted by Mr. Ed View Post
By no means is my opinion official but I have seen no correlation between this error and the update. Myself and several others that are close to me are running the update without issue. When I say I have not seen this as widespread ...we have sold several hundred Evos and seen two come in with the issue, both on the same day, both lived in the same neighborhood. It was confirmed there was a tower out in that neighborhood.

I would have to pull up your account to see what devices would be suitable replacements after you have received 2 defective units. This type of a replacement is not guaranteed, for example if it is a network issue replacing the device isn't going to fix the problem.

I did a quick scan of the web this morning and found the error affecting other devices like the s3 and even more devices dating back beyond 2004.

If you would like to send me your info I am glad to look it up.

I'll hit you up with a PM with my info, so you can look at it. I highly believe it can be area based, as I'm usually not in many other areas beside work and home.

Infact, the issue didn't re-appear until I was on my way home yesterday from work. I have a feeling bouncing between those 2 Towers is probably what triggers it.

But there still needs to be a resolution.

My only reason to thinking it is the Update is that the issue never occured prior to it.

Also wanted to add, that I never see an Error 97 come up on the phone itself. Unless that's just an internal error w/ Sprint.
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