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Originally Posted by PattiCakeUS View Post
I had to swap out my phone last week due to the error code 97 - the camera on the new phone seems significantly worse than the camera on the old phone.

Here's a picture of a painting I had taken on the old phone that I just took on the new one. They were taken in different locations but you can see the image on the new one is much less clear & sharp. The only camera setting I ever changed on my old phone was to reduce the redness by -1 (I know that's not an official setting, lol - but I can't remember which setting it was and I need to go to work now) and I haven't done anything to the camera settings on the new one. I'll have to do some other testing & experimenting but if I can't figure out how to improve it I'll be going back to the Sprint store.

Old phone:

New phone:

P.S. looks like my image links aren't quite right, first time I tried linking from photobucket & no time to figure them out right now but hopefully you can still see from the thumbnails.
I agree,

the new phone is less sharp and detailed.
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