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Originally Posted by evotitans View Post
Looks like this issue is building up. I don't see why its not becoming a more public issue?
We are an extremely small minority in comparison to the amount of phones sold. I'm not sure what makes you think this is building up.

Originally Posted by Mr. Ed View Post
I work for sprint. [I] Haven't really seen a widespread issue on this one. Error 97 is not a new error and it isn't isolated to the Evo. It typically means the phone isn't registering on the network and usually is caused by poor network health or a bad radio.
Yeah, more or less the same suspicion I came to earlier in the thread. You've pretty much confirmed my thoughts. I think it comes down to certain towers. In my case I further suspect that my nearby tower, which I was connected to, was undergoing maintenance (possibly Network Vision upgrades) which booted me from the mobile internet network.

Originally Posted by evotitans View Post
Well I am fairly certain that the latest update is what caused it.
As we have determined earlier in this thread, It most certainly is not isolated to a software version or the recent maintenance update. The events may have been near in time and there could be a slight relation (PRL changes?), but we can't just automatically draw the conclusion.
I've had the problem and I am still pre-update. Not to mention, this error has effected a number of other handsets from a variety of manufacturers in the past (The Evo 4G error some have mentioned but not fully remembered was Error 67 from what I can remember and find by searching).
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