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Originally Posted by skierz View Post
So far running at 480mhz is stable. No freezes whatsoever. Going back up to 800mhz causes freezes and vibrating. Can't reboot or power off because it gets bumped back up to 800 or 900mhz and takes a few tries to get it boot fully and correctly in order to set it back to 480mhz.

I did try going back to stock and starting over but it didn't help.

I love the ROM though. So far it's worth running at 480mhz because it's so f u c king awesome.

NO ROM has been stable on my Admire except for Admiral Beast.

After all this flashing back and forth my camera doesn't work anymore and I have that yellow triangle on boot up. And I have the E:can't mount cache ect.... shit while in CWM
Im not sure why you are all having so many problems with freezes and burps. This ROM was stable a few revisions ago when I tried it, so im not sure if spz0 made a few changes that have caused some instability or there are hardware problems with your phones.

You didnt say how you flashed back to stock was that a recovery ???? Its probabaly best you flash it to stock with this.

[Download] Samsung R720 Official Cricket Corporate EH29 Upgrade Utility [LEAKED].

install cwm 7 not 8, and then restore your stock backup.
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