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Originally Posted by bymis View Post
Thanks I'm still looking into the pros to rooting I'm all new to android. I assume it's similar to jailbreaking?
Yep. And welcome to Android!

Rooting simply gives you access to the phone's operating system. It allows you to do all the wonderful things that Android has to offer... instead of just what Verizon insists you use. For example:
  • You can ditch bloatware.
  • You can change the kernel, which allows the processor to operate at faster speeds when you need it and slower speeds when you don't - great battery saver!
  • You can completely change operating systems, getting rid of the stock Verizon ROM and installing a custom ROM that has so many more options to customize your phone and make it truly your own.
  • You can backup all your apps and data.
  • You can make nandroid backups. A nandroid takes a snapshot image of the phone's current state - the whole thing - and saves it as a zip file in internal memory. If you do accidentally something that horribly mucks up the phone (or you install malware that takes over), you can simply wipe the phone and restore the nandroid... putting your phone right back to that last good state without setting anything back up.

I think you will find that the benefits of rooting far outweigh the risks or disadvantages. My 0.02

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