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Originally Posted by Granite1 View Post into the Airave call center and get them to do an OTA reset on the unit. Once they did this for me, my PRL and data profile updates went through flawlessly.

Also try to do these from a good 10-15 miles from your house / work. The tower you are connected to might be wonky or its just not jiving with your phone.

The hands free activation "seemed" to work the best for me. Every time this has been initiated, its worked without a hitch. The manual PRL / data profile has been hit or miss.
Do you have the contact info for the service team that can do OTA resets that boot the phone into Hands Free Activation? A forced Reset and Hands Free Activation is the best option that I see right now for getting things resolved for some cases. It worked for you and I. My Hands Free Activation was manual through dialer codes, some people are stuck not being able to access dialer codes and need a OTA forced Hands Free Activation? It is bound to work for some others I think?
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