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Originally Posted by Granite1 View Post
Just to give s little bit of info from my experiences.

I'm on my second unit, been on this one since the official launch date. My first one was a pre-release sign up phone.

This one that I have now did this on the last software version, 1.13. I had a heck of a time with the sprint tech over the phone to get it working. Also I want to make sure if anyone is using an airave / airvana femtocel unit, call into the airave call center and get them to do an ota reset on the unit. Once they did this for me, my PRL and data profile updates went through flawlessly.

Also try to do these from a good 10-15 miles from your house / work. The tower you are connected to might be wonky or its just not jiving with your phone.

The hands free activation "seemed" to work the best for me. Every time this has been initiated, its worked without a hitch. The manual PRL / data profile has been hit or miss.

I did that yesterday, and all was fine after I Factory Reset it thru Bootloader. PRL and Profile updated fine at my parents house. All seemed normal...Voicemail, MMS/Picturemail was going thru fine.

I think the error reappeared as soon as I was at home/that Tower. But it seems the issue stays once it happens.

Just so I'm more familiar, whats the hands free activation? If you mean the Settings/Activate this device? Then NO go, I get a Network Error from that.
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