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Originally Posted by evotitans View Post
The issue is building up cause it is re-occuring for users. I'm seeing it across the board on other forums, including Sprints
Keep in mind that some of the same people are probably posting their issue multiple times across forums, which can make the problem look worse than it actually is. I'm not saying it's not a problem - because of course it is - but it's hard to tell how many unique users are having problems because of this.

Originally Posted by evotitans View Post
Do I force them to give me a SIII?

Do I look to another carrier?

I don't think I or any one else with this issue can wait for Sprint or HTC to finally own up to the problem, and work on an update.
Responding to your last statement first -
I can. My error 97 problems seem to have been fixed (for now, hopefully for good *fingers crossed*) by swapping phones, but if they start up again I'll just go back to Sprint and let them work through it. Technology can be complex and they need enough data to figure out what's causing it before they can be sure of how to fix it. I tend to be really patient though, as long as they're making efforts to help me (by fixing or swapping equipment) and don't just kick me out with a phone that doesn't work, lol. I don't live on my phone or use it for work so I can be patient, but understandably some people can't.

Switching to an SIII might just give you a different set of problems. I'm sure that's an awesome phone (as ours is ) but it's likely to have some issues too, they just might be different issues. Same with another carrier & whatever phone you might change to.

Hopefully this gets figured out soon and you can wait for that to happen, you just have to decide what works for you & if you can wait for it to be figured out.
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