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Originally Posted by Gandalf7 View Post
Early, that was helpful. How does deep packet inspection (DPI) fit in there? Within your #1? I have the sense that DPI equipment is quite common in carrier IP networks now and, because it can reassemble one's entire packet stream, provides much more capability than proxy servers. My industry reading on this is a bit dated, however.
Packet inspection sails very close to the wind.

Comcast got in trouble for it, and the matter is one of political debate involving Net Neutrality, the courts and the FCC.

Because of its highly political nature and my standing as a site representative, I am proscribed from further comments, sorry.

Searching for " EarlyMon net neutrality" may yield insight into my views expressed previously, no promises on the search results though.

For purposes of our discussion, let's put it all under the heading - carriers can know about your connectivity using various methods.

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