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Originally Posted by Gandalf7 View Post
I was just wondering whether DPI could contribute to the ability to detect/track tethering. Sorry that came across as an inquiry about views. My knowledge is from the Net Neutrality context, too, and I understand the sensitivity there.
No problem, I didn't take it as a personal question but rather a technical one as you intended.

Let me put it this way - instead of DPI let's use "knife" in place of deep packet inspection, substitute "wife" for internet traffic, and see how the question adds up.

Does your carrier use a knife on your wife to see if you are tethering?

I don't know how to answer that without implying illegal activity on the part of the carrier, nor know how to answer without opening a discussion that would have to lead inevitably to areas that I am constrained from discussing, and that's why I am avoiding the question.

Nothing wrong with you and others discussing it, but staff (red or green) has to stay out of that part. Sorry about that, I understand that you are asking something simple and fundamental, but rules are rules, so it is what it is.

For those unfamiliar, internet messages travel in packets. Comcast was found to be using deep packet inspection to evaluate if people _might_ _possibly_ be downloading movies via bittorrenting and throttling traffic rates down to practically zero if they _assumed_ that was going on. And they got into a world of hurt over it.

There was a great deal of political and legal fallout from that. Googling for Comcast deep packet inspection (with or without torrent added) can lead folks interested in learning more.

That's really all that I can say.

But eavesdropping is an interesting question, isn't it?

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