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Originally Posted by lkreykes View Post
Hey everyone, my family's verizon account started out at Alltel, and we kept out Alltel plan as Verizon bought Alltel, but we recently switched to share everything. We have a LG Octane, DroidX2, Samsung Strat, and a HTC Rezound. The 2 CDMA only phones (Octane&X2) both now say their network is Verizon Wireless (before share everything they said "unknown"), but the 2 4G LTE phones (Strat&Rezound) still say network is "unknown" and nowhere on either phones does it say Verizon Wireless. I know *228 option 2 updates roaming capabilities and PRL junk, but the 4g phones don't do the *228 because the SIM updates everything automatically. So could anybody tell me what to do about the 2 4g phones? We have very very good Verizon service where we live.
Try doing a programming in *228, shouldn't be needed but give it a shot... a stop at the local VZW corporate store might help too. All else fails try calling support but realize they will likely have you do a factory default.
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