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Originally Posted by Mr. Ed View Post
Quite simply because those are the rules set out for us in store. The EVO is the only phone on that list right now. for me too. The only exception would be if you were within 14 days. Lemon laws vary by state, most don't specify that you get a new different model, just a new device.

Rooting your phone will not solve the issue, and as of yesterday your phone has not been in the hands of a tech that has done anything with it. The only service to your phone recorded has been one phone call into customer care. You speak as if they exchanged yours once. There is no record of it if they did.
There's no record of an exchange? This is my 2nd EVO I'm speaking of. I bought one on launch day that lasted up until 2 weeks ago, a couple days after the update came out.

It started on the 1st phone that the vDM Client issue occured, went in, Tech supposedly repaired it(Factory Reset), issue came right back an hour or two later. Thats when they decided to replace it.

I just received this new one last Friday, issue reappeared Monday morning.

So your telling me there's no record of my first EVO? There would have to be, cause there was a Trouble Ticket put in for it.
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