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Originally Posted by JeffSC View Post
Me too. I think they just didn't have their systems updated until recently. Oh well. It is what it is.
My take was that all that was related to issues with some orders from before the share everything launch. So rather than fix peoples problem getting the device with their unlimited retained who had orders get messed up one by one they just had the system flag accounts they thought might have tried to place SIII orders before Share Everything. Or that was my take based on what was reported on everything by Droid-Life and some of the comments there. Basically if you had went through the online process before Share Everything and then didn't pull the trigger I figure your account might have got flagged to get the SIII and retain unlimited. Hard to say for sure, but it was seemingly random and could see such a flag only for those that investigated pre-order causing a seemingly random availability to keep unlimited. They may have just had some window for those disgruntled sorts to get their SIII. Who knows for sure though.
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