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Originally Posted by jlb0305 View Post
are you getting the phone icon with red triangle and exclaimation point? I'm stuck there on rooted stock (tried 4 times)
how long are you giving it? it can sit on that screen for awhile sometimes.

Originally Posted by jlb0305 View Post
OTA will only work on stock recovery from what i've heard.
correct. will NOT work with amon or clockwork permantly installed. this is why i typically recomend the rotoed stock crowd to fastboot boot recovery when they need it,and not fastboot flash it.

Originally Posted by acejavelin View Post
I think I see the problem... I was under the understanding you had to be BONE STOCK for this to work, but I could be wrong. Amon Ra may be the issue, perhaps you could just flash the RUU?
you can run the ruu. or you can wait patiently for a .12 ruu to be released,then run that. or you could be impatient and flsh the .10 leak,and then get stuck on it,untill the .12 one comes out

Originally Posted by ntrnlerror9 View Post
how do you get to bone stock?
run the RUU

Originally Posted by jlb0305 View Post
Any idea why its not working on mine w/ stock bootloader & rooted stock?
honestly... no. ive had OTAs work when rooted,and modified with frozen/deleted apps. i have read reports of OTAs not working when too many apps have been deleted,but i havent verified or disproved it.

it also could possibly be a bad download to the phone(one reason im not real fond of OTAs)

Originally Posted by jlb0305 View Post
Doors the bootloader need to be relocked fit the ota to work?

**one last bit of info,once the phone as downloaded the OTA and tried to apply it,you are prolly SOL if it failed becasuse of a custom recovery. restoring the stock recovery at this point,usually does not apply the OTA.
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