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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
im not 100% sure what the 7mb update was that youre refering to,but if youre on 2.01.605.11 then the phone has had all available updates.

assuming by stock,unrooted,you mean stock locked or relocked, then there is an issue with the download.

im unfamiliar with torrents,so im not sure what howardz has posted a link to. it could be an unsigned by htc file,or it could be a corrupt download.
I'm referring to the 7.1MB OTA update that they pushed out that your phone apparently needs before you can receive the actual ICS OTA update.

I'm not sure what that version number you mention is referring to, but when I'm in Fastboot/bootloader, it says it's on "HBOOT-2.1.0000". Should that be on 2.01.605.11? EDIT: I found what you're talking about; in the software info on the phone, she's on "Software number 2.01.605.11". So yeah, she's on the latest GB update, so she should be ready for this ICS update.

Yes, by stock/unrooted, I mean the phone is LOCKED as indicated in the bootloader at the top of the screen. I have never touched her phone as far as rooting/s-off/unlocking goes. I want her to have as stable of a phone as possible, so I don't mess with her phone for all that. I waste too much time ROMing my Gnex to mess with her Rezound anyways, heh.

I was afraid of the file being unsigned judging by the filename of the .zip ( I doubt HTC would put "Android Police" in the file name, heh. I tried re-downloading it again and am still getting the same error. There was no MD5 hash listed for it either for me to compare it to. I didn't even open or rename the .zip file. Would you happen to have a direct download link for the offical ICS update?

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