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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
thanks for the link,i hadnt read that bit about being 2 seperate updates. tomoro ill have to roll my phone back and see if i can get it to download them, so i can see what they are.

the RUUs wont need to have the small update,they should include it. the ruu is all the images,while the OTA is patch files,and firmware. the small update is likely something needed to preserve the users data prior to changing the fimrware and software in the next update.(running an ruu will wipe all data,including the internal sd)

i hadnt realized android police have released the .12 update,i thot you were trying to install .10 or one of the older leaks. there is no official from htc RUU(in the form of a .exe file) just yet,but the one from AP is a signed,legit file.

wich leads us to prossibly being a bad download.

here are a couple more links,if you havnet seen them:
Verizon Confirms HTC Rezound ICS OTA In Official Update Document, Includes The Changelog For Good Measure
[Exclusive Download] HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich RUU For Final OTA (3.14.605.12)

that second one contains a few(likely sloooow) download links.

last and lot least,ignore the bit about using the download link in past 21,its for the current build,not the ICS update. you would use it to get back to stock GB in order to OTA.

the number i referenced is the software build number,that you can find in about phone. the hboot you have(2.11.0000) is consistent with that build.

unless ive missed it above somewhere, im not seeing any reason your wifes phone wont recieve the OTA naturally,if you give it a few days
Thanks a lot for the info and links. I just realized if I install any of those RUU files, that it will wipe her data. I don't want to do that. Is there no way to manually update it without wiping data? The reason why I'm trying to manually install the update is because we live in an "Extended network" area where we roam on another regional carriers towers, so the phone won't receive any OTA updates in this area . Native Verizon coverage is 30 mins away and we rarely go out that way.

Thanks again!
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