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Originally Posted by news3owner View Post
New android user... just came from blackberry... and have had blackberry since the original pager sized unit.

Solely on Lte (wifi disabled), I got just over 8 hours on standby.
I had the phone screen on for about 30 minutes. So I'm really disappointed.

Download speeds are in the range of 28 Mb here in toronto. Which is awesome.

Today I have turned off lte completely and wifi. On hspa I have got 4.5 hours so far on standby. Much better. But am hoping for a solution to be able to leave lte as the default
an option I found that improved my battery life (not sure if a glitch) was setting wifi to "never" for "keep wifi on during sleep".

Also things that will greatly affect your battery is a low signal. Also, if you long press the middle button you will be able to shut down anything still open and running as well as clear your memory.

You may also have your social apps, email, etc checking for data a lot more than you need. I have mine set so all I do is hit SYNC when I want everything to update. I dont need it doing it while Im not looking at my phone. this helps my battery.
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