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Well here's something, everything ran fine, so I wanted to go to the next step.

Without adding my Google accout, I went ahead and just added my Outlook account. Phone went thru Encryption process...sure enough, I go to the Sprint Zone and Voice fails, 3G is still fine.

Maybe it's not Outlook, but the Encryption process that is causing the vDM Client error? Can't update Profile or PRL again.

Dialer Codes do not work either.

Going to redo Factory Reset process again, and not add Outlook to the phone. Going to just add my Google this time. Will update.

Update: As of right now, I can not reproduce the vDM Client error. Have my Google account synced, Texts restored, and about to restore my apps.

I have left off Outlook, which means I have not gone thru the encryption process.

As of now, no issues at all.

Update 2: I was able to get on a strong WIFI connection and download the Sprint Zone update. Still no issue at all, and eveerything passes fine on the Sprint Test.

Can still bring up Dialer Codes.

Outlook is still not re-added. Think I will leave that off until Sunday, to test further.

So the vDM Client error is being caused by one of two things, the Encryption from Outlook, or a Sprint Zone error? Possibly need to have Sprint Zone updated fully before re-adding Outlook?
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