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Originally Posted by Rachel_Ambler View Post
The owner, Dan Cathy made a statement that he supports 'the Biblical definition' of marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman. He then went on to say that the company has donated money to causes that may have used it to fight Gay marriage.

Supporters turned out in droves Wednesday to support his position in an event organized by Mike Huckabee which apparently made a lot of money for the company.

Today it was our turn where we turned out for a peaceful demonstration (on the sidewalk) of our opposing view.

I fully support the right of free speech that Dan Cathy used and I myself would never do anything that would cause his business any harm.

Equally we used our rights of assembly to show our opposing view that we prefer to have equal rights for all citizens.

It was a peaceful good natured time with no interactions with anyone working or eating at the establishment.

Did see myself on TV though in a couple of shots!

Ugh. This is why I stopped watching TV. I would say more, but this is a family forum and what I would say would likely cause a stir.

Lets carry on with the android business

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