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Originally Posted by Jagosaurus28
GAILARDIA looks fun & seems to be a NES Dragon Warrior/Quest clone. Which isn't a bad thing!

FREE on both Amazon App & Google Play. Kindle Fire support also.

It'll be my next RPG I DL after I finish Symphony of Eternity (which is also awesome).

The Gailardia series is great, but not all the title has been translated to english, I think they have like 2 out of there 5 Gaillardia title of translated
Glad you liked my recommendation! :]

Yeah man, I'm finally digging into Gailardia now that I finished Symphony of Eternity. It looks like Android/Google Play had 1, 2, & 3 translated. IMO, this means future translations are on the way also of 4 & 5. (If you're playing on a Kindle Fire, looks like the Amazon App store only has the first game as of 8/6/12)

I rented Dragon Warrior/Quest on the NES as a kid but was too young to grasp the RPG genre. Great to be able to play a clone on the go now that I appreciate the style of gameplay! I laughed so hard when I first faced a Slime enemy in Gailardia. The mascot of the Dragon Quest series is the game! His head isn't as pointed but it is clearly inspired by it! Being a Dragon Quest clone is NOT a bad thing! And the first game for free... SCORE!
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