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Originally Posted by Colchicine View Post
By what measure do you figure that? Google encourages a commitment to updates 18 months after the release. That's 3 versions of Android. I seem to remember HTC pledging to that commitment.

Because the OEMS got it for free? It's their choice to add labor to their porting process by putting the layers on there. Then there's the VZW bloatware and completely bogus QA process. None of those are my choice. The vast majority of people, I suspect, would prefer the latest version over the presence of Sense, if one had to chose.

You seem to be missing the point here. If I can trust HTC to give me timely and regular updates, I am FAR more likely to repeat buy an HTC phone. HTC claimed, at the release of ICS, said that we would get it "early 2012. Since it was sent out in the 3rd quarter, and not the 1st, the owners of this phone have not received the product we believe we were getting. They can make it up to all the Rezound owners that ARE disgruntled by getting JB out the door as an apology of sorts, and as a testament to their commitment to updates.

Your recent join date indicates to me that you haven't been informed of all the various Android news concerning updates. None of the above I've stated is an orginal thought, they've all been so thoroughly hashed out on these forums alone that the thoughts should be second nature by most by now.

You're lack of understanding as to the production and release of any product, especially operating systems is interesting. For instance, would you be happy to receive your 1Q update that was garbage? If so, hey, your theory makes sense.

All that nonsense aside, buy a new phone if you want a big upgrade. This is America and not much is free. Though by simply looking around these days it's easy to understand (sadly) why everyone thinks they deserve everything for so little. No offense, just get over it. You're phone is great.
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