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Default FINALLY installed 3.14.605.12 710RD through HBOOT

Okay, I am convinced that there isn't enough difference between the two (except for possible preloaded bloatware updates) to worry about it, so I downloaded the leak last night and just finished jacking it in this morning. Two installs followed by a factory reset. Redundant? Yup. Interesting? Probably not. But I just like to keep everyone informed of issues during this rollout. Other than the fact that I didn't get the push after a week (which I didn't expect to get at all anyway) I've had zero issues thus far. I may not be on here very much now since most of the excitement has kinda slowed down, but I had a few people thank me for some stuff so I guess I've been somewhat helpful. Maybe.

If anyone wants to contact me, find me on Twitter or G+ if you don't see me around here. When it comes time for me to root this thing I'll be on here in full force again. Maybe even someone will have a One-Click Root app by then, or maybe there'll be another OTA. Who knows? In the meantime, THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP. Long live Android!
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