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Originally Posted by PNWViking View Post
You're lack of understanding as to the production and release of any product, especially operating systems is interesting.

I doubt it is interesting. I read numerous explanations from developers as to the labor required to create an OS.

Originally Posted by PNWViking View Post
For instance, would you be happy to receive your 1Q update that was garbage? If so, hey, your theory makes sense.

First of all, you're assuming that an earlier release would inherently mean less quality. Therefore, a release that happens more than 4 months later should be of higher quality, right?

Exhibit A:
Originally Posted by zazan View Post
ICS is not (for me) worth the b*** s*** and inconvenience I have put up with from the upgrade. All these little f****** enhancements need to be put into perspective with what I need in my day to day use. GB was stable and useful and I did not have all the f****** issues I have had to deal with with ICS.
I also am compelled to out that the GB update for the Inc was "garbage". It was long over due, and when it came it was so bad they had to pull the update and rework. Asus updated their tablet in January, so clearly it is possible. Your appeal to quality is null.

Originally Posted by PNWViking View Post
All that nonsense aside,
It is indeed nonsense, that because it's "hard work" to make the next version, that gives HTC and VZW an excuse to renege on a promise they made to con people into "buying a new phone, since I wanted a big upgrade". I did exactly what you claim will fix the issue, and my NEW phone was on the same version as my OLD phone more than 4 months after an update was promised.

Originally Posted by PNWViking View Post
Though by simply looking around these days it's easy to understand (sadly) why everyone thinks they deserve everything for so little. No offense, just get over it. You're phone is great.

I saw you heading down the road of entitlement, and I do take offense. Somehow demanding that promises be kept, and that a product I am literally going to spend thousands of dollars on and use daily be kept current makes me an entitled American brat? Bravo on the spin, there's a cable news channel you could work for and fit right in.

Originally Posted by PNWViking View Post
You're phone is great.
I agree, but it could be better if I could take advantage of the features available only with the OS version I was promised 9 months ago.
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