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Discovered FoxFi by accident this weekend. We had rented a cabin and the password for their wifi didn't work and the 3G signal for others(Sprint and ATT&T) wasn't strong enough, so I quietly downloaded FoxFi and the others were totally astonished they could use their phones(i-Fauxn) and laptops off my 2 year old Droid X. I just smiled...
3 people used it at the same time and said it was as fast as being at home. My signal went from 2 bars to 4 while it was in use.....strange.
I don't see it as greed. Just what the market will bear and people not knowing they have a choice otherwise.
If you got paid a lot for working, would you call it greed on your part? No, it's just what you are worth and what the market will bear.
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