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Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
It was all tongue in cheek.
I really would love to see another Moto on Verizon like the OG, but if the S3 is any sign, I don't see it happening. While I love my Nexus, I really miss the hardware and radios of Moto.
If you look at what the RAZR HD and SIII are underneath they are much closer than any recent devices. You can probably even go back a ways and have trouble find such similar devices from a baseband and IC standpoint in general. It's really the build of the chassis, display type/size, antenna design, and firmware differences.

My GNex could use better CDMA capability and even a bit better LTE reception, but I suspect a lot of the improvement to that will be had with the 2nd gen integrated LTE baseband from Qualcomm that SHOULD be the exact same part used on both the SIII and this RAZR HD. Basically I don't see Antenna and baseband firmwares creating grand differences in radio performance on these devices like what has traditionally been the case between Moto and Samsung. I would probably prefer a the bit sharper and less saturated colors of a good 720p LCD, but not at the cost of display size I find to be likely here compared to SIII.

The more heavy and metallic or other fancy material build is what I always authentically miss from a Moto. If the new Samsung stuff was not solid I would probably desire Moto more, but even though they are mostly plastic they aren't creaky and crappy feeling like a lot of past plastic devices were. Curious to see if Moto stick's with an mSD slot on this phone also. That is what I probably desire the most on my GNex. The SIII really is a desirable device to me really though. Particularly the Dev version as I don't plan to get subsidized phones anymore anyhow as I have grandfathered unlimited data on two lines and do exploit it on each really.
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