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Originally Posted by robustnet View Post
This is how I setup my measy x7

1. I use component connection not HDMI. (my hdmi connection resets the device every reconnection of the TV input or when I turn off the TV and back on.) So I get only low resolution in native display and it has a color sync issues but i manage to solve it by going to display output choosing any resolution and when it ask you to reset just click no.

2. I use ghost commander with samba plugin( I can access now my pc shared thru measy x7. But cannot access device via pc coz no sharing features.)

3. My device is not yet rooted so I cannot have samba server.

4. I have 2TB Samsung Installed and it has minimal heat, plus I installed usb fan at the bottom of the device. So I'm running TTorrent 23hrs a day now with no heat issues. I have partition my Hd into three, all extended logical drive.

5. Video play back is good, torrent downloading is good, my only problem when accessing hd folders sometimes it lags specially if the folder has many files. Sometimes I clear data of the media storage and it eliminates lag but it comes again when media storage is big.

6.Regarding not shutting down properly. I just exit all programs that uses the Hd so if i turned off measy x7 it wont have a problem with the hard disk.

7. Programs I used:
a. ghost commander with samba plugin
b. TTorrent
c. go chat for Facebook
d. flash player
e. perfect viewer
f. meridian mp3 player (can use folder selection)

8. I use to have Google play but i don't use it anymore, coz all programs suddenly not compatible any more. I use other site.

9. The device sometimes hang. specially if running many application. I can live with that.

10. So far the device meets all my purpose and requirements. The question now on my mind is how long is it going to last.

The question now on my mind is how long is it going to last

i did had the device on for like a complete week and i did not had any issue. mine died due a lighning that burn my tv,and media player.

the hardware is not so bad. but the firmware is very bad implemented.

regarding the market you can tweak it using the the fingerpinrt for the samsung galaxy 2 in the build.prop but you need to have the device rooted and also you can brick it if you make a mistake in this part. also you dont have the original firmware so be very carefull before doing any change. due as you know you DONT HAVE suppoprt from measy.
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