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Originally Posted by exwifeusesiphone View Post
Guys - I just got this for the first time the other day and there is an easier fix but you MUST be rooted. You do NOT need CWM.

You need RootExplorer.

Go to /data/clipboard and delete everything in the clipboard directory as mentioned above.

Then, go to Settings/Application Management/All, scroll down until you find TestService and clear its data.

Reboot. If you do not reboot copy/paste will not function. I do not think you need to fix permissions, and I was able to apply the fix without that step (which is the one that really needs CWM).

If you are not rooted, you are screwed and have to do a factory reset. This is a major bug and I hope people are reporting it. This is a pretty unforgivable bug.

You'll know the bug is back if you start getting "TestService" stopped working. messages and you'll have to do it again. I've noticed using S-Voice somehow can bring it on - I guess S-Voice uses the Clipboard for something. Probably has to do with corrupted writes to the directory, there's nothing we can do...
I have tried that but I do not see test service. I used to see test service stopped working, but now I don't see it anywhere. I can't even find it in apps.
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