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Originally Posted by adfrick View Post
I've had my Galaxy Nexus for about a week now. I'm still adjusting to the volume button on the left side (I really preferred the Evo's right side volume button) and the headphone jack being on the bottom. The top side placement of the Evo was much better IMO and I'm still picking the phone up upside down 95% of the time.

I'm loving the phone other than those two quibbles. I can't believe that I missed Sense's dialer app, but Dialer is a great replacement, since it also manages contacts.

Battery life is about what I would expect from a smartphone (expect to charge at least daily), I'm curious to hear if battery life is better with ROMs or JB.

I haven't rooted yet, I'll wait until my 2 week return period is up or so.

Can we use the wi-fi tether app that is built into ICS without the Sprint fee?
Welcome to Nexus Land!!

I do believe that you must pay Sprint for tethering . Battery life does get better once rooted and installing a custom kernel. Right now I have 7 hours and 10 min on my battery and am at 71%. Granted I haven't done to much major stuff and have been on wifi all day. The creen is the biggest battery drain on this phone so if you constantly have it on you will experience a good bit of drain. Whenever you do root, I recommend you use the guide in my signature, its what a lot of people here used and no problems so far. I have heard some people getting problems when they try other methods.
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