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So I don't know how many musicians we have here but I thought I'd share:

(kind of a long story warning)

When I was a young guitar player ( about 7 - 8 years ago ), I used to go to my moms office after school every day. I used to enjoy it because her boss (rich guy) was also a guitar player and kept his amp and some guitars in his office. Since I was young, I didn't know much about gear, but I fell in love with his amp. It was a Fender Cyber Deluxe amp. I foolishly asked him if he would ever sell that amp to me. He said sure and told me he wanted $650 for it since it was a $1200 amp new. Obviously mom wasn't going to help me out and I had no money so I had to decline. That amp because my first "dream" amp. I had completely forgot about it all the years since but today, I walked into a music store, and to make a long story short, found that same amp on sale for $300 (lightly used) and snagged it on the spot.

EDIT: if anyone is wondering I am using a Schecter C7+ with it (7 string guitar) and an Ibanez RG520qm as well as a hand built cheap strat.

I am a kid on christmas right now! Sorry for the bad picture but the lighting in my studio is horrible!

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