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Oh yeah, I should do an about me.

HAI GUISE. I'm Chris, 26 years old. I enjoy photography, video games, movies, astrophysics. I've been a tech junky since I was a kid, I got an early start by taking things apart. I loved to see the inner workings of devices (like my old cassette players.) My first smartphone was an Audiovox 6600 Pocket PC, windows based. It was my first to the addiction of smart phones. After that, I had a Motorola Q, which was a GREAT device. Moved to the Blackberry curve 8330, and had that for nearly a year. Good device. It didn't die, ever. I couldn't kill it. Then I got my first android, the Motorola Devour. That phone...Well it sucked. BUT it was a SOLID BUILT phone. So it made up for that with me dropping stuff. And well there were more between, but I don't feel like typing it out. There's like 5 more between then and meh.

Oh and I like anime.

and I leave you with this:

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